Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Send out a few sms to a few of our addicts,
Asking them about fishing on tuesday night,
one day earlier than usual,
reasons: cure itch and for a change cos wednesday results so so only for the past fortnight.

Bro Storm replied," Anything!"

And i jumped to the conclusion,"ON 10pm..."

Upon reaching we met Zheng Wei while on the way walking to the pond,
he going back camp,book out go fishing, "another addict" AA.

Storm with his loh jiak loh jiak form quickly up 1 big kim(2.95kg)on his first cast.....
followed by a ack(1.15kg) in double quick time.

I was still playing with my KC rig with ang kar prawnmeat,
hoping to land the leftover or runaway Kimchios.....

Suddenly there was a small jerk and my line start moving slowly.....
Strike....and fish on,
OMG,that familiar feeling,i think it's like a Krapu,Gao and Grouper......
Yes!!! after a few more pumping of the rod,the fish surfaced.
Excalibur and Burp came over and help,
up came the beautiful gao(2.25kg).

Hehehe.....seem like a mission accomplished,
i took the bicycle and go buy my battery water(beer).

Then things slow down,
opposite bank 3 regulars were having a small frenzy,
loh jiak n loh jiak with live prawns.......

After half an hour later,
Storm got another ack (1.1kg) from some leftover baby sotong,
definately not Kelong sotong.

I changed to a single split-shot rig with my leftover ang kar har lok,
cast out to the usual kimchio spot,
goalkeeper..... fish on,
very quickly,123 up came a surprise gao(900gms).

No more baits, remember that Zheng Wei's friend Kent left,
he should have milkfishes left, went over and true enough there was 2 pieces of live milkfishes left behind.

Floater rig with milkfishes hooked at the mouth......
i went around and cast at a few of the usual gao hideouts,
hmmm....... funny i kept thinking of another gao...... another gao.......

Went to the wooden gate n cast my milkfish there....
swim here swim there...haiz..... so active how to stabilize it?

Then the floater move towards the nettings and the floater sank and stayed submerged.
123 strike on,
a few splashes here and there,
up came another gao(1kg).

Quickly rebait the remainding milkfish,
Sangkok because the floater length wasn't adjust proprerly,
the milkfish got caught into the nettings divider.

Since already took out my long time never use Panther Martin lure,
i went around casting and do my luring......

Nothing on the usual highway,cro head and croc tail.
then i walked over to the fish keepnets area and cast n lure along the nettings,
2nd cast,"Goalkeeper" again,
this time the fish fight was different,
typical tua cho dash......
but no way this bugger can beat my Stradic 1000 workhorse with my 5ft Eupro twincraft.
Storm came over with the plier and up came the big fat ack(2.7kg)

After awhile more,
we left,but we will be back for more.

Edited again after finishing the CR writing,
you guys know why???

i still have the ting ting ting sounds in my head from the typical SS700......


Anonymous said...

7for the night
1 big mama

1x kbl 1x big cho
2x small cho
3x GAO
7 for the night

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

wah, 1237 always open jump number, ANG HO BAY