Monday, September 27, 2010

Re2:October 2010 Kualau Rompin end of season trip

Hi guys,
as you all know the monsoon season is approaching and as a TEAM AA event,i would be organising a end season fishing trip to KUALAU ROMPIN before the monsoon season start in november

This will be a one day trip as per TEAM AA practise,meaning we will set off the night before the fishing,reach there about day break,fish for office hours,after that dinner and head back to SG.

Tentative dates will be either on the 15(FRI), 28(THURS) or 29(FRI) or 30(SAT) OCTOBER 2010,i need to give allowance for the dates because i need to firm up the number of participants before booking the boats,and booking of the boats is dependent on availability.

Itinery will be as follows:-

Around 0200h meet up
0230h Head to jb shell petrol station
0430h Reach mersing for supper/toilet break
0500h Head to 7-11 for groceries and such
0700h Reach Rompin after that go market buy bait/breakfast
0800h Fishing
1800h Back to land for shower
1930h Dinner
2130h Head back to SG
0030h everybody home safe n sound
**(all timing are estimated as i do not know how many cars will be going up and speed of driving)

All costs will be split among everybody attending the trip.
For those who are driving you will be reimbursed for the petrol,
whole journey to and fro is estimated to be about 500km.

Estimated costs should not exceed S$150 per head(exact figure will be made known to amendments to this post along the way),

upon confirmation of your interests,i will be collecting the money,if you cant make it,please get another angler to replace you,if not your money collected will be forfeited(sorry i gotta be strict on this as it wont be fair to those who paid up and because of you we gotta forfeit the trip)

the last day of registration will be on 1st OCTOBER 2010 0000hrs.
so please confirm by replying to this post and i will add your name to the list

Tackle to prepare would be suggested

-a light setup for bait fish and sotong jigging
reel about 3000 size and above full spool of line
rod about 6ft
-a heavy setup for bottom fishing
reel size 4000 and above
rod about 6ft can go up to PE4 if you want but suggested would be PE1-3

-sotong jigs of green,yellow,red,orange
-sabiki hooks size 6,8
-apolo rigs (2 hooks enough)
-single hook rig for bottom fishing
-spare reel or spool if u kena a one way train and line got stripped

this trip will be a "non targeting trip" as per the last trip meaning we will fish whatever comes our way,and not specify a certain type of fish only.

Participants list
7...Chim chim

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