Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Re3: Final date and confirmation of Rompin Trip 15th October 2010

Dear all,
with regards to the end of season fishing trip to Kualau Rompin,i have set the final date to be on the 15th of October 2010(Friday).

It will be a 1 day trip meaning we will set off on Thursday night and reach Singapore on Friday night if not early morning of Saturday.

Reasons for doing so is
1...its a Friday should be easier for me to book the boats
2...safety reason as i do not wish to take the risk of those who are going to be caught in the monsoon(assuming that in the midst of fishing we get caught in the monsoon as its the starting of the monsoon season,neither do i wish for those who are driving up to be caught in the rain,as the road up to Rompin is not very brightly lit along the way)

so based on the above reasons wit regards to safety in particular,i ham sad to say i have to firm the date on the 15th October 2010.

As per previous posting,the number of confirmed participants will have to be submitted to me either tru replies here(for those who have yet to expressed interest) or via sms to me at 8189 3721 LATEST BY 0000HRS 1ST OCTOBER 2010.
For those who have already expressed interest,i will sms u within the next couple of days to get the confirmation.

Please do take note that I will not entertain any request after the stipulated date and timing.

However due to this deadline reasoning,please do take note that there is a possibility that we will not be able to get the boats,as i did not pre book the boats beforehand.
In any case of us being not able to book the boats,i am sad to say we will have to cancel the trip.

For transportation wise,if we do not have enough cars to go up to rompin,we will have to make other alternatives to go up,meaning rental of transport services and the cost of the rental will be split equally among everybody or other alternatives.
This above point will be discussed further among the confirmed participants.

As mentioned in previous post,all other costs will be shared equally,with special mentioning to the rental of boats if we have to get bigger boats mixed with smaller sized boats,we will also split the costs of the boats among everybody who is going,in short it means all costs of the boat will be split equally regardless of which boat you will be taking.

i will be collecting the money once i firm the booking of the boat(s) and once the money is paid,there will be no refund,so if you cant make it at the last min,please get a replacement in your place.thanks

any more issues that i have left out in this post please contact me tru sms to highlight to me

i have compiled the list of participants from the previous post to here and will take away those who have told me that they cant make it on the trip if i planned a trip for the 15th (however if you are able to make changes and join us on the 15th,do let me know.)

Participants as of 29 September 2010 1630h

7...Chim chim
9...Wongs friend number 1
10...Wongs friend number 2

any changes to the above list,please let me know as well,thanks

Thank You.


PP777 said...

hi guys,
those going rompin,
our boats are ard 1000 ringgit each.
live prawns n sotong n tips ard 200 each boat,
food rm100 n drinks rm100 n dinner ard Rm200,
petrol 130rm /car its abt 3200 ringgit.
estimated for 10paxs.....
so each about 320ringgit,
roughly ard $140.But we wil be collecting $150 each
please note that we are having 5 in a boat.

PP777 said...

Also to the 1st timers-- this trip was planned quite rush n last min.

no more sail season,
its just bottom fishing,
maybe still got sotong,
non targeting trip....
so lets just go n have fun,
angoli angoli angoli......
else wongSL will have to shout
arumugam! arumugam!! AROMUGAM!!!

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

lol yong.. hope have angoli oso. last sat, only get few pcs nia. and all hook up for sail.

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

some split out on the estimated cost..
1. boat RM1000 X2 = RM2000
2. live prawn,bait n tips RM200 X2= RM400
3. food, drinks n dinner RM400
4. Petrol Rm130 X 3cars = RM400(round figure)

those mention above are only estimated.
total of RM3200. convert to SG is $140 (just change RM, rate at RM230).
yong will be collecting $150 each for spare, in case any part of time, need to top up or buy other things.. the bal will either divide back, OR will put into our fund in SGPOOL.. kekkekekeke
(up to yong to decide)

Hope this would clarify any doubts. by asking how come last time $120, now $150..

if any question, go to S4 office and ask him. kekeke....

PP777 said...

the cost up from previous becos
1) we squeezed into a big boat
(rm1400).nw boat rm2000.
2)baits up by rm100,
3)tips up by another rm100.
3)food n drinks up by another rm100.

but we only collect $280 more only,

hope this solve the queries.

Danny Lee said...

No problem I do not think anyone will mind the difference, most important is the fun cannot wait to get the confirmation.