Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some Suggestions for AA

Here's an example for our Team AA membership card design:

About Our Membership Card:
  • Hole on the top right hand corner for us to hang on our lanyards.
  • Have our group leaders promote our group on the Internet, making friends with paid ponds, have good relationship with the fishing authorities like fishing tackle shops. So in future, this card could serve as a discount card for our members.
  • This card makes you cool. It represent you as AA member.
  • It brings our group development and image to the next level.

 Here's an example for our Team AA T-shirt design:

About Our Team AA T-shirts:

  •  The front picture of the shirt. Will be a fish design of any fish that our member would like to choose with.
  • Below of the picture will be our team members nickname or something.
  • At the back will just be Team AA text.

Other suggestions for the shirt:

Maybe we can have 2 version of the shirts. One is with personal fish design as shown above. The other will be just team aa logo in front of the whole shirt that's all.

If you guys have any suggestions or something. Feel free to post :)

1 comment:

Angling Addict said...

eh.... got card long time ago leh!! wakakakaka, T-shirt looks good but I feel marlin is very fierce, mayhaps we should be hunble a bitzzz??? i rather like the sailfish pics that F6 took at rompin, the jumping one....