Thursday, October 7, 2010

PRPP 031010

Prpp has returned to normal

bait of the day...LIVE PRAWNS

water was good
they changed a new pump at office side and added a pump at the entrance to devils point

all round the pond can hear the ting ting sounds of ss700 whole night tru for those who uses live prawns (except us cos we bought a very small amount of live prawns to start off with n while ethan was there,he was told live prawns sold out)

total rods :2 storm and mazdadan

total backup anglers : 2 xeno n ethan

total catch : 5 (1 x 2.7kg big cho not in photo as mazdadan tapaoed )

total misses :2 (1 dropped hooked while almost near landing estimated 2kg cho and 1 was stroked too hard that hook cant be set )

weapons of the day : basstera rod with stradic ci4 AND berkeley cherry wood with pioneer perfect cast

baits used by us : ha lok,panther martin,live prawns

spot of the night : center of pond at office side

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