Monday, October 4, 2010

ROMPIN TRIP 15/10/2010

The boats had been confirmed.
Many thanks to F6 & Uncle Gim for making the necessary calls.

Medium boat---skipper Ah Hua(recommended by Razak).(maximum 8paxs)

Small boat--- Razak's friend boat.(so Rais/Bala would not be on the boat).(maximun 6)

the boats cost Rm1200 & Rm1000,
prawns -100 pieces & 50 pieces,
tips =rm200,optional
petrol rm130/car =rm390
food & drinks=estimated rm300
Dinner rm250.

total estimate rm3550 abt $1550.

please make necessary arrangements to pay up.
$150 per pax.....


Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

bro, not so much worry about the cost, if not enuff, im sure all of us wouldn't mind the xtra $10 or so. if not top up abit ringget if necessary.

PP777 said...

no worries at all.....
just that i want the team to go up fish n relax knowing the cost and what are the cost they are paying....

Cos some of my frens(4) paid $400/pax for a weekend fishing(sat & sun).
They had to drive up themselves in a car.
Baits, boat,2 nigh chalet,2 dinners,
2 lunch,ice.
Breakfast not included.