Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Team AA members pls take note

i need a favour from you

i know most of our guys like to play with fishing tackle
and i have set up a team aa fishing tackle reviews blog(just in case u haven noticed it)

i need help from you guys to input into this fishing tackle reviews blog.

reason for setting up this blog is i wish we as team aa can help to contribute to the fishing tackle reviews aspect of angling as a package on its own.

every little bit of info and thoughts u have on the tackle that you are testing on will be very much appreciated,it doesnt matter if you cant write well(i cant either) but it sure beats the tackle reviews we have over the internet who are largely based out of our region.
people in our region would love to have some opinions based on what we can get out of here

i hope to see you guys contribute soon

in any case i have left out any invites from here to be authors over there please let me know so i can send the invites

thank you

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