Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Catch Report onboard Swift Lady for local shipwreck fishing on 2 Nov 2010 night

4 groupers, 3 Ang Chors, and 6 Duri were caught at the Katong wreck and Tanah Merah area. The biggest grouper caught weighed in at 13kg.

Even though the current was not so strong, size 16J sinkers were required to reach bottom of sea, and rangongs with 2m leaders and gang hooks were used. Boatman Anthony managed to get 3kg of 12" arrowheads for bait.

Arsenal of fishing equipment used: Ocean Jigger 4000P, Boss Accurate 600 series, Avet MXJ reels, Saltiga z30, Shimano Torsa 30, and PE6-10 rods.

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