Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Return to PRPP 16nov10

After a long absence to our birth place,
today Team AA went back to PRPP for a test drive

Anglers : Excalibur,Spirit,Relaxed33

Supporters : Storm,Mrs Storm,Xenokel,Squiggle,Ethan

Landed fishes at full time :
2 x cho
2 x ak
2 x gao
1 x twn

Landed fishes at extra time:

1 x kbl

hence the 2 pictures

only kc was not landed

bait of the day : ha lok


Natalie aka Mrs Storm said...

I thought it was a great opening when we managed to fish one of every species of fish except the kc. Maybe kc waiting for yong? Maybe the kc outta stock due to demand at pole rod sure catch area..*puzzled

PP777 said...

Mrs Storm,

now even if i go i gotta learn from the locals there.....
with the new pump added,many changes in the fishes hiding place.

I may just hit a "Xeros" there...hmmm i mean a zero there....

Will look see look see if i can go on his coming friday.
Ah Por no fish to eat liao.

wish me luck,
ah por like Kimchios