Tuesday, December 7, 2010

PRPP - 7th Dec 2010

Anglers = Thomas,Zhen Wei & Ken

Supporters= Ethan, John, Tommy, Kelvin and Yong.

Thomas and Zhen Wei, both landed each a small and a big Gao.
All on harlok on floater.

Thomas landed another Kim on floater with live prawn.
A goalkeeper take near the left crocodile head.

Zhen Wei landed a nice reddy AK,
also near the left crocodile head.

During fish release,Ethan landed the Ack.
The fishes seem to be rushing out fast from the netting area.....
Maybe the real biggies are there.
also saw a GT swimming around the pond,
or it is the reason why the kimchios are not swimming around at the usual spot.

Both the Kimchios with a MJ and Ack were given by the pole rod kakis.Thanks!!!
The other 2 MJs are left behind by the earlier kakis.

Hey guys....
those heading down do get a lip grip.
Or can bring our F6 famous S-hook .....


Anonymous said...

lol..its zhen..not g...hahaha...same for ken...no T..=(

PP777 said...

Amendments made......
Sorrit lah !!!