Saturday, January 15, 2011


Factor-Six(8), John, Bruce, Gary.
Total catch: 22pcs.

PP777, Xeno, Burp, Jeffery, Nat,Zheng Wei, Jess & Gary's GF.

Bro Factor_Six,Champion of the night,a long anticipated mama GAO

This MAMA GAO weighs 8.280kgs.

Total Catch......

Tonight is a record breaking trip for Team AA,
The heaviest Gao 8.280kgs caught by F6 n the new record for mama kimchioss 4.36kg caught by Loner.

Let the pictures do the talking!!!

total catch

Total catch with F6's set up

F6 with his mama Gao

LOner with his mama GP...

Bruce with his big GP (3.3kg)

Bro Storm with his Double GP

Bro pp777 and his catch (3.2kg)

Bro Storm with the mini Kbl & a 2.7kgs KBL

Jeskel with MaMa GP

Fellow Kakis with his catch....

Mischievious play with the gao

The Gao can really devour up the GP


Anonymous said...

Swee la... Cheers....

Danny Lee said...

I see spirit and ethan like me you miss the fun

Anonymous said...

lol....ethan nvr miss the fun...he tio the big cho while aimming for big KC!...LOl!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Bo Bian I this week work 7 days. And I can only go nearing end of Jan.The fight must be shiok....

Keith Peck said...

wah... nice.. Long time never see such good CR... Too bad me bogged down with work too.

ah beng said...