Monday, February 14, 2011

FW3 13022011

Today was the last trip of our C.O Angling Addict,
so we had a change of location switched to FW3 FW pond instead of PRPP

Besides trying to get a biggie let the addict fight,we were also there to test out new tackles

a spool of 10lb braid line is on test( we will be bringing in for consumers if the results are good )

a killer sword pond rod

ryobi fokamo 2000 size reel

results of the test...

line proven to be strong no burst main line mounted on a 2500 size stradic ci4 landed a few fishes,including one which took the addict 10min to fight and land,
worthy of mass consumer consumption(if we decide to market it)

killer sword pond rod proven to be strong as well,went to the extreme to test the rod,bending into "n" shape by fish not human

fokamo was every bit the ryobi standard smooth and strong not to mention the nice pearl white and red colour coding of the reel.

well a few videos were taken but i duno how to upload here (sorry) and 2 pics to prove fishes were landed will be posted

anyways we wish the addict a safe trip back to shanghai and hope he will be back soon n join the crazy bunch of angling addicts here to fish

present : xeno,burp,pp777,storm,angling addict,gary s,mrs gary s,jeff and gf.

above tackle testing does not represent the opinion of the whole of TEAM AA,just the opinion of the few of us present who tested either one or all of the tackle on test.

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