Monday, March 14, 2011


Total catch: 11pcs.

My catch of the night, all on Rubber lure: -
11 Seabass

4 CNRBL (Catch N Release Before Landed).
1 burst lines (10lb - Galis,SeaBass).

Register hits on my 2nd & 3rd cast, and CNRBL on my 4th cast.

Also get to know Henry, a nice friendly chap, who is also crazy about fishing.


Altair said...

It was great to meet F6 at Kyoto. I recognized him and his military rod. He did his showoff in front of me beeing the only one landing 11 fishes in a few hours. The other anglers (including me) had an average of 3-5 for the whole night (6 hours).

Henri / Altair99

Factor-Six said...

Hi Henri,
Nice to have gotten to know you too.
Let's fish again sometime so that I can again, show off.
lol jkjk..hehe