Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hi all

I'll be planning for Rompin for the month of July...it will be a more relaxed hit and run trip as i was hoping if we could stay over the night after our boat trip before we proceed back to SG in the morning..

Tentatively i i'm deciding it on either Sat 16/7/11 or sun 17/7/11

Tide for the 2 days are as follows

Sat 16 4:17 AM MYT / 0.09 m 11:41 AM MYT / 2.50 m 5:25 PM MYT / 1.38 m 9:50 PM MYT / 1.96 m 7:02 AM MYT 7:15 PM MYT
Sun 17 4:59 AM MYT / 0.13 m 12:16 PM MYT / 2.50 m 6:04 PM MYT / 1.31 m 10:40 PM MYT / 1.96 m

nt very experienced in Offshore though but these 2 days are the highest tide for the month and the current flow to my own knowledge is nt that fast either except for the morning part...so hoping for no rock and roll

More tide tables for the month can be found here
anyone who finds a better date can make a comment to let me know cause i'm still a noob in offshore..Lol..

Target will be bottom fishing / Sotong / (sails *but we will not go and hunt them )

Boat would consider 4pax to a small boat...or maybe 8 or 9 pax to a big boat...depending on how many pax are interested...if split to small boats...arrangment will be made for both to travel.

Thanks all for reading...those interested please leave a comment that u're interested to easier facilate things out...thanks all...

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Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

u guys enjoy, im working on that weekend,