Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'Sea monster' sparks tsunami panic

A deep sea 'monster' sent people running for their lives when it was reeled in on a Taiwanese beach recently.

The 3.65 metre-long yellow ribbonfish reportedly sparked tsunami panic because of its size.

The giant yellow ribbonfish that was hooked off a beach in Taiwan
The species is normally found only in deep waters, but was hooked on a line off the coast of Miaoli, in north west Taiwan.

Fisherman Xie Lu said: "People started packing up to leave. They thought some kind of terrible earthquake was coming and they began to flee."

Experts believe the fish may have been forced out of its natural habitat by the aftershocks following Japan's devastating earthquake.

One marine official said: "The original undersea earthquake did enormous damage and drove many species out of their natural habitat."
Source: The Sun

Published Apr 12 2011

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