Saturday, July 30, 2011

30 July 2011 PRPP CNR Pond Opening Catch

Team AA Fishing at the newly open CNR pond at PRPP.

Team members on mission : F6 , Storm ,Burp, Excalibur mazdadan and Gary Sng

First cast of the day by mazdadan was rewarded with a open jig head.

First to land a fish was F6 a big fat TN. watch the video.

Second to land a fish was storm a big Gao , can see cannot eat.

Champion of day F6 with 8 fishes,

Last to break Zero is Excalibur

Total catch F6 (8 landed 2 or 3 throw hook), Excalibur ( 1 landed and 1 throw hook) Burp (3 landed and a lot of throw hook), Storm (1 landed and 2 throw hook), Gary Sng ( 2 landed and 1 throw hook) Mazdadan (3 landed and 3throw hook)

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