Sunday, August 28, 2011

20110826-Kuala Rompin- Ups & Downs

Factor-Six, Burp, Soon & PP777.

1) Green Eye Squid - 55pcs.
2) Arrow Head Squid - 30pcs.
3) Anggoli - Countless.
4) 1 Parrot (1+kg)
5) 2 Kaci
Others: Snappers, LengChiam, Aramugan...

Started off with a choppy sea which get us almost all sick, but then we started to land Squids at the very first spot which at least brighten up our moral.
But not until when we reach the second spot which we hit a sea full of Anggolis together with Squids, it was a non-stop action of ups and downs if you get what I mean.
Picture tells the story.

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