Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Warning Warning Warning!!!

From the Desk of The Angling Addict.......

I have to issue a Health Advisory :

Fishing as a hobby has been marked as a hazard by The Addict.

1) Fishingitis - the sickness which is caused by lack of fishing. Symptoms, unwilling movement of the limbs, particularly the hands to the front of the body as if holding a rod and spinning a reel at ANY time, especially at night when lying in bed. In the event of serious cases the cure is to quickly hand the poor sufferer a real rod and reel to hold and spin.... to prevent further damage to the brain.

2) Fishingmania - the urge to go fishing everyday, every hour, even if not fishing, will be talking about fishing, or thinking about fishing, dreaming about fishing, or surfing FK, Team AA blog, or writing stupid articles like this one.... Cure? actually no cure but the "real thing", and I dont mean Coca Cola.. I mean let the poor bloke go fishing..... for example of a Fishingmaniac, please refer Marlinz..... LOL!

3) Fishing-tacklitis - the urge to view, shop buy and collect tackle, be it rods, or reels or braids or floats or lures.... This one is a MAJOR problem, very difficult to cure except for cold turkey lockup inside the mental institute. One more thing about the cure, remove all ATM cards, excess cash, Credit Cards from sufferer. Better still get all these and pass to one who volunteers to suffer this disease alone (and save the world), the Angling Addict. LOL! Also can try to contact the card issuer and inform card issuer of banned transactions at all tackle shops and must keep updating as new tackle shops come into play. However, becareful that the sufferer, if stage 7 (final stage) may resort to borrowing funds to satisfy his urges... remember the advertisement??? my luck is changing, this will be the last time.... so, please also keep all piggy banks under lock and key.

4) Tackle-mania - the urge to modify tackle, change handle, add bearings, change colour, anything that you have to change, CHANGE! For rods, its to crop and shorten, change guide, change cork handle. This one cure is to strap up and lock in a padded cell.

Guys becareful, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.......

Wives, if your hubby, got this problem or problemS, dont call the Addict!!!! Its NOT his fault!!!!

Jest joking jest joking.


Marlinz said...

I'm a Fishingmaniac, Wahahaha :D

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

bro.. sometime 1 got all. lol