Saturday, October 11, 2008

FW 1 CR 11 Oct 2008

Attendees :
Factor Six ( 1 ) ,
Excalibur ( 4 ),
Marlinz ( 6 ),
PP777 ( 6 ),
Redshadow & Burp
Total : 17 pcs

Reporting time was 7am today. All round quiet when we arrived. Yours truely started the ball rolling by spinning rubbers..Yes!..after so long & thought that i lost touch. But never did i know...

Our all time killer bait,Tilapia fish today seem nt that productive as many were caught on fish meat. It was reali close to "loh jiak loh jiak" when panjang released the fishes at 10am. Great time with the team as Marlinz entertained us with his jokes..


Anonymous said...

sorry guys din turn up today had a last min meeting recalled at 5am with the guys over at usa

Anonymous said...

nice catch