Friday, October 10, 2008

Small Fish Event - PRMP 09102008

Location : PRMP ( between the prawning pond n propond)
2 rods: Gna. aka Alex , Kenlemieux aka. Kenn
Total catch: 7pcs ( 2 x 800-900g KBL caught by Gna., 5 x 600g Ang kuay caught by Kenn)
*1pcs declared dead wrapped in plastic bag.

Report: Far left at the curve, one malay ah lao caught a 2+3kg GT, few ACK n KBL. On my Left 2 x chinese ah lao at least 6-7 pcs each, one of them landed a 1++kg TN on rubber.
On my right, young chap using rubber caught KBLs and Ang kuay.

*S2 thx for getting lunch n prawns for me*




Excalibur said...

No problem bro,im on the way so just lend u a helping hand getting ur meal n baits..

chung said...

Not bad catch. The AK sure looks yummy. Great that you are eating what u catch

kenlemieux said...

chung = chungfish?

thx for the advice on where to cast =)

chung said...

ken,its me.if u have a 8 to 9 ft rod would be ideal as u can literally pull the fish out from the square keep net. Somehow AK like to stay below the net after release. Marinated prawn meat or kembong is a killer bait for AK. I have landed 9 pcs using this method during release. Quite kiasu. Ha ha

PP777 said...

AK aka ang kuay tends to be more timid than the other types of fishes,so they stay together in schools,so 0nce you hit the spot and that's it. you are in for a frenzy liao.

kenlemieux said...

thx for the tips CF. n pp777