Monday, October 20, 2008

FW1 catch report 20/10/2008 0000hrs-0500hrs

Well nothing to do before the start of a busy week again(as usual),called up 2 of my bowling trainees who are brothers and jio them go fishing at FW1.

Went down to Changi point hawker market pro tackle (already 10pm lah my usual tackle shop there close liao)wanting to get the cork handle sealant cos i dont know here i left my previous bottle and needed it to seal my relix rod bought last week.

Shop owner din have it there in the end,missus ended up buying a loomis ultra lite 4ft9 and i ended up with a lemax slim max ltd edition 5ft6 n tomman samurai 4000(was attracted by the stylo name samurai hahaha) and a prawning rod for myself.

He gave us a packet of kelong sotong kiah to test as bait said thanks n left for FW1

Reached there walked around the area recce and see see look look cos the usual spot was taken up,saw the care taker of the pond and asked if we are "playing" replied him later

Counted about 12 anglers there excluding us,but water a lot of bubbles and rubbish floating around and saw a fish going for moon tan as well.

Just then the spot where we usually fish at,the anglers left for home and we just occupied the spot (lucky ah,if not i go home liaos,needed the power point there to use my lappy)

Setup everything and hooked ona piece of kelong sotong kiah,casted and parking,wasnt really expecting much cos of the heavy rain in the afternoon,so basically is just go there enjoy the "kampong" environment.

wait for about 10min when my rod started to bend(my lemax slim max) and went over,pulled and the line went slack,thought bo kang tao liaos who knows as i was going into the 3rd of retrieving my line on my daiwa 2000 with fireline braided the sweet sound of zzzzzzz came and i started to pulling n letting go,tryign to practise what guru yong taught me on friday morning and finally reeled in a ah bian ,used my digital scale weighed about 1.5kg.

After that had a few runaways and changed to live prawns.

at this point of time there were only about 6 anglers left at the pond,3 from my side and 3 others....

Casted my live prawn,this time zhun zhun at the side of the pvc pipe and waited.

After about 5min,my trainees and his mum told mi my rod was bending a bit and i took it out from the rod rest and tarik...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......................came the sweet sound again n started fighting but this time round the ah bian is not really strong and weighed about 1kg or so(cant be bothered to weigh cos smaller than the one before that)

After that just casted and did parking cos need to read tru some documents

Just before we left one of my trainees had a BIG fish cos the moment it bite it went straight back into the netting area,he tried to pull it back n the fish jumped out from the water and headed straight back into the netting area again and we lost it near there and when we retrieve back the 30lb leader was gone and the rod bended like nobody's business and its a sturdy rod (eupro salty fighter)

well by this time,times almost up so packed off n went for breakfast.

Not a bad day for me,cos it was raining very heavily in the afternoon n water condition kinda bad and i landed the most fish among the 6 anglers there(2x twn) at that point of time,one other angler there also landed a ah bian

sorry no pics,missus wanna take but i din want to cos its ah bian hahahaha...
seems like i can only get ah bian there,3 times i go there fish,3times all land ah bian.

lets hope the next trip there i can get something else,but not telor emas hahahaha

good day to one and all with this


Angling Addict said...

Another rod each??? Ha ha ha!!! Hope Gary gave you a good price... if you head there again, do say hello to Gary for me.....

Anonymous said...

yep he gave us quite a good price

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

tats y bro.. don under estimate salty fighter. we had bring up 14.5KG cobia while jigging with that rod. DON PLAY PLAY..

Natalie aka Mrs Storm said...

Well, I must add to hubby's post, he was there to work more than actually fishing. It's sort of therapy for him . Great therapy too I must say. Should have seen him grinning ear to ear. Whereas the rest of us zero fighters.

Natalie aka Mrs Storm said...
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