Thursday, October 30, 2008

Team AA 1st Eging Outing 13/11/08

All fellow members,
Dave from Lure Haven is introducing us to eging(sotong luring) on 13 nov 2008,
the tides n timings are supposed to be very suitable for Eging,
so those interested,pls make yourself available.

Any more inquiries about the trip pls post n reply in this posting.
Recommended that 4 kakis go to this trip,
so pls confirm early,
we will rotate around if we had more members going.

7ft & above rod and size 2000 0r 2500 reels with lines of 8lbs as recommended tackles.Jigs will need Bro Catalyst to elaborate more.

Bro Dave aka Catalyst,
Please let us know what we should have for the trip and also the time to meet up when the date is near.

I am on for this trip,
been watching eging videos at the Shimano TV.

Looking forward to this trip.



Anonymous said...

i dun mind going but it will be mi n my missus

Keith Peck said...

I am happy to go. 14th I am on leave so 13th night is good for me. I assume you all doing at night right?

chung said...

count me in

catalyst said...

Hi guys....the countdown starts today...hehehe..if there are more participant, i would have to change eging location. so everyone can have a go at it..but you guys know lah "aint illegal, aint no fish" but in this case no sotong lol. if smaller group can go restricted area.higher chance

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

firstly.. the time n place?

catalyst said...

Time will be after 8pm, as for location will be reveal later..
depending how many anglers are there..

Fishingjojoman said...

Count me in eh ! HA ha Yet to get a sotong !!!!

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

bro cat. i think u got to get a place for atleast 8PAX 1.. cos team AA guys always goes in a TEAM..

catalyst said...

8 pax!!!!!! mass orgy ah!!!!
ok ok ...i go crack my brain

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

lol bro cat.. no need to crack yr brain.. use a saw n saw it up can liao..