Monday, November 3, 2008

Confirmation of Kelong Trip

Hi Guys,

The Kelong trip is confirmed.
Location: Ah Fatt Kelong
Total Pax: 8pax
Date: 28th November to 30th November
Pickup Point: 1) 6:30am Whitesands Taxi Stand
2) 7:15am Ang Mo Kio MRT Taxi Stand
Estimated Cost per pax: S$150 +/- (excl. Jetty Toll)
Please feel free to contact me should you have any queries.

Kam Siah

Wasps aka Adrian aka S1 aka ASS-1


Keith Peck said...

Pay in ringgit or sing?

And must change how much rinngit for spending there?

Redshadow said...

the bus passing by my place can pic-up on the way mah,,
can you arrange ASS 1
tightlines and screaming reels,,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wasps said...

Bro Piero,

I'm suggesting to pay all in Ringgit rather than Sin$. I'll ask the organizer then confirm with you guys again.

I would suggest to pass all the money to Jess for her to change to Ringgit then any excess or shortage will be clearer.


Mini Bus = RM$750 (to be split by those going)
Kelong = RM$230 per pax (3D2N)
Custom clearance = RM$30 (per group. NOT PER PERSON)
Jetty Fee = RM$4

Bro RS,

where you stay??
I see if can arrange the bus to pick you up seperately. No guarantees though as we told them only 2 pickup locations

chung said...

whoever the kind soul, if you see salted barracuda in the kelong, can please help me buy some and I pay you when back? Heard it is nice and I would love to try. Brgds

Wasps said...

hi Chung,

Will help you keep a look out but if dun have, we'll pass you the ones that we catch and you salt it yourself ok???

chung said...

wasps, u joker hor? HAha, if i know how to salt, would have done it ages!!! But my mom did it b4 and my neighbor reported police saying something died in our house!!! KNN. So for those who want to try salting, inform yr neighbor first.

Redshadow said...

Bro S1,,am staying in Hougang ave8 but can pic me from Hougang point,,and also peiro and jess,

Keith Peck said...
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Keith Peck said...

If can pick up on the way to Hougang I will be more than happy. if not then I will take a cab ride to AMK. RS, I can pick u up on the way on that...

Redshadow said...

ok piero,,we share a cab,,

Wasps said...

since there's an overwhelming response to pick up at hougang point, do you guys want me to change the pickup to Hougang and AMK?
Please let Jess or myself know so i can make the necessary arrangement.
Sorry, only 2 pickup points
BTW, Jess will collect S$150 from everyone and she'll change the money to ringgit. any excess will be used for food along the way and shortage will be shared by everyone.
hence please bring along additional money just in case.

Angling Addict said...

ok, since 2 pickup points, then very simple...

1) Hougang

2) Pudong International Airport

PP777 said...

Can i order your catches,
2 x fresh squids,
wanna sashimi it to go with sho ju,
4 x Selar for Belachan dinner.
6 x rabbit fish for breakfast,
3 steamed 3 fried to cook with porridge.
if possible please gut all the catches daily,on those that you are bringing back.

Wasps said...

Bro PP,

Your orders are noted...


Can someone bring along an icebox if you have so that we can bring the fishes back if they are of good quality.

PP777 said...

bring Extra Ringgit go,
when on the way,makan at hawker food,
go buy alot of fruits and titbits,
buy wasabi n good soy sauce.
buy beer n some japanese rice wine to eat sashimi.
the hot weather there best with alot cold drinks.
Arrrange to buy extra ice for the team personal use. can arrange with the kelong guy.

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

ok guys.. for yr info.. we will all pass SGD $150 to jess. cos if change to ringgit, will be more. this include the kelong stay,
Mini Bus = RM$750 (to be split by those going)(thru n fro)
Kelong = RM$230 per pax (3D2N)
Custom clearance = RM$30 (per group. NOT PER PERSON)(per pax is $3.75)
Jetty Fee = RM$4 x2 per pax. RM8. thru n fro..
so total will be agar agar RM335/pax.
if we each pay $150, cgange to ringgit(agar $100 to RM230)
its only about RM345.

If include food n drinks, not enuff at all...
unless u guys wanna fork out another about $50.
and oso. u guys wanna get live prawn and prawn meat OTW to sibu jetty?

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

piero, if u wan, u can change another $100 for yr own expenses. buy beer.. buy other things u need.. (rubber..) aiya.. no need la. i jig u a sotong..

Wasps said...

Bros and Sis,

The Breakdown for the trip is as follow:

Kelong 3D2N = R$230pp
Jetty Toll = R$4.00pp
Mini Bus = R$750 (Share)
Pickup at 2location = R$20 (Share)
Custom Clearance when going = R$30 (Share)
Drop off at 2location when comeback = R$50 (Share)

Total per pax = R$340.25

Amount from each person = S$150
Convert to R$ (exc. rate 2.37) = R$355.50

Please note the exchange rate is only an estimate.

Hope this clarify everything

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

so S1, so u nvr include any food n bait. so jiak kar ki rite?

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

so when u guys gonna pass the $150 to jess? its better n safer to change RM in Sg. so far best price is @ Mustafa Centre.

PP777 said...

Hi guys,
gotta buy some beer,
some titbits, minerals water,
soft drinks n ask for extra ice,
some fruits n
maybe buy extra chix wings ,
sotong balls n etc.
buy some Eno.
Or else how to relax there.
Do really learn how to ZZZZ there.

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

will sure get some frm m'sia de. my main aim is go there ZZZzzzZZZzzz

Keith Peck said...

I asked my wife to TT liao.

Probably change another $100 sing on my own to ringgit and bring some Sing dollars along.

I have a big ice box that I am planning to bring so that shd solve the problem?

Wasps said...


food will be provided once we reach kelong.
Bro Xeno has a point to buy baits if required as the last trip, we jig for tamban and use it for bait.
maybe can try buying prawns, may work better.
think standby extra S$100 should be sufficient

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

bro S1.. wad i mean is when we OTW to sibu jetty. halfway stop. its okie that we stop halfway for break and buy some makan. and pay ourslf.
the kelong itslf do provide breakfast, lunch, dinner n even supper. so we need not worry about the food there.
i mean is tat.. those xtra useage like
1) (baits)prawn meat, which is much more den jig those tambans n cut into small pieces for smaller fishes..
2. tibits n drinks.(kelong sell them too but more expensive), 3, soya sause n wasabi for those wanna sashimi if baktao is available..

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

btw bro piero, no ned to bring a real big box there la.. no fish 1..
N change $100 more to Ringgit if more den enough.. i only change $50 more nia..

PP777 said...

Icebox can bring lah,
on your way back can buy good good durians lor if really no fishes, choy choy tai kat lai shi!!!!!!!
hehehehe.........................dont bring icebox, got good good fishes also no place to bring bck, the van booth alot of space lah.