Saturday, November 1, 2008

CR FW1 01112008

Today attendance: Wolfbass,Chungfish and Me (DL)

Total Catch:9pcs (1Kim est at least 3.5kg, 2ACK range from 2+kg&1+kg, 4TWN and 2 Peh Tiam) Photo exclude one Peh tiam cause it RIP.

The morning started with heavy rain man!!!

DL: 1Kim ,1 Peh Tiam and 1 TWN

Wolfbass: 1 ACK the 2 kg plus range and 2 TWN

Chungfish: 1ACK 1kg++ range,1 Peh Tiam and 1 TWN


Angling Addict said...

NIceeeee! Why am I not surprised WB got the Taiwans??? LOL!

Anonymous said...

think its time for us to organise group outing and clean out fw1 hehehehehe

Dog_Lover1976 said...

hahahaha TEN is now so common bro..Storm anytime also can ah hahahaha..