Sunday, December 7, 2008

CR for Southern Island Trip

Went for offshore fishing with Alan for a second time in a roll. This time on board Ah Eng's boat for fishing in the Southern Island.

Rained quite a bit at times and wave was quite choppy for a while. But current was quite decent. Catch rate was pretty good with one kaki landing his first Ang Gao after 4 years...

Personally got many Michael Jackson... think got 1 streak 3 in a roll on a single piece of prawn. All CnR.

Table sized include 2 Parrots, 1 Jiu Meng, 1 small Groupa and 1 kee fish.

Took the first 4 fishes back. Picture as attached. Overall very happy with the trip. Looking forward to the next one with them. Too bad cant join them for the 21st.


Dog_Lover1976 said...

Bro the yellow strip fish that we caught is not kee fish is tee bon..

Keith Peck said...

oh. Wrong number. U going for the 21st?