Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Likly Enterprise Kelong 511 aka Ah Yu, 6-12-2008 to 8-12-2008

Hello Bro's N Sis's,
Was at ah yu kelong on the above date,,as i much wanted to venture after ah fatt,,
Decided to join this group as on of them is from FK,
Indeed this kelong is bigger,,and shower time is from 5pm till 11pm,,
Food wise is average, as there is also a western Food which you've to pay,,
Free flow of biscuits and kopi N tea,,Bedding is double bed type,
The whole place is windy all thru the day,,
Started at 5;20am pic-up time,,and proceed to woodlands custom,, to our surprise the que was damm long,,takes us to clear sg side1 hr 15 mins,,, clear JB custom was fast and was lead to their new check-point for our way out,,
Proceed to Tamam Sentosa to buy baits ,, Dead prawns 4kg, sotong 2kg,,.
The quantity wasn't enough for 10 angler's as we finished it by late nite,,
SO we fish for bait fish to cast our rods,,No big fish but alot pata fish( which looks liks shark,with a flat slippers on the top of the head),
Fish hook up was ah soh only,,really nothing big,,but Todak plenty,,caught a few
The rest of us started to fish for selar and rabbit fish,,
Selar frenzy started which makes everybody there like crazy doing jigging,,
Most of the selar caught was big and medium size,,

Sorry didn't take any pics as my digital cam was KO,

Person -In- Attendence,, Victor N WIfe, Shawn,Mervin, Jason Fong( all from Ricoh S'pore),Kc N gf, Richard, Edmund,, lastly myself,,

Thanks for reading my simple CR,,



PP777 said...

think the shark you referring is baby shovel nose shark.
they are good game fish when fully grown.
C&R them cos too small no nice.
hehehehe leave some selar for FW1 bait hor.........

Redshadow said...

dont worry all is being deep freeze..kekekkek

Redshadow said...

going to Ah yu kelong again This sat,, wit d same group,,heheheh