Friday, January 30, 2009

CR For Today 30-01-2009___Fw1 No 2

Went today to Fw1 No 2,alone but was join by wongsl and kevin (wong's friend),
Catch rate was indeed very poor, morning fish not biting due to yesterday fish truck arrive,,
all fishes inside the pond is under drugs,,
first to hook-up a ang kuay is kevin,,follow his next,,
Later follow by be ard 11;00 am,, my first
all waited but samll milkfish is biting only,,
Add on extra time till 3;30,,but then got my second ak (kekeke xtra time aft times-up,,
Wong was moody all day long ,cos of bfe,,He tired so hard but still he can't break his EE,,
Hope you guys enjoy this simple CR


Angling Addict said...

Nice update RS!!! Tell you what though, WongSL is not like that. He is a fun fisho and look at the pic... still smiles... thats why he is fun to be with.

Redshadow said...

yes I know also,just that myself and kevin keep on pulling his leg,,and he keep on trying his very best to perform,,even his wifey called and ask him of his catch,,we laugh all out,,kekkekekeke
wong is a nice and patient guy to fish with