Friday, January 30, 2009

Top Secret : How to land a Gao at Ah Tiong, on a sleepless night...

After 69 unsuccessful attempts, I've successfully crafted the sure catch manual for landing gaos at Ah Tiong.

1) Tackle requirements : rod - at least 50lb and above, main line of similar strength, leader strength should be double your main line. Reel - at least size 4000 and above. Drag - no drag allowed, meaning line can only come in, cannot go out.

2) Bait - live tilapia, milkfish or any moving marine creature. Have to do the bait profiling test - attempt to stuff the creature in your mouth. if it goes in, spit it out and choose a bigger bait. Gaos do not take any bait you and I can take.

Approach the "fighting chair" with caution, clothes should be dark in colour, handphones must be on silent mode and refrain from talking to the moron beside you who's also trying to get your gao. drop your bait(on floating rig) 1 meter in front of you, the gao should take your bait anytime soon.

Thats the furthest I can bring you guys! When i land my first Gao, I'll complete the rest of the

Hmmmm, Am I doing anything wrong here? - lol


chung said...

Maybe should look at FW3 thread at FK . Releasing 108 gaos this Friday 30Jan . Surely should get 1 gao right?

Angling Addict said...

Good one Wolfblass!!!

1.5bar said...

I wun mind going there if i can get few pcs of the gaos at FW3 =)

Anonymous said...

hmmm.....gao ah?
if i can land kim i happy liaos...from milk fish to tw to ac to mj seems like all fishes i land at ah tiong except for kim and gao hehehehe

PP777 said...

john!! you sure to land KIM(gold) soon, the season coming back liao.

PP777 said...

About landing Gaos,
there is a need to tie a long shock leader to withstand the cuts and abrasion when the gao Chiong for cover.