Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fish Recipes-Fresh Shitake Steam Fish,


fish-- KimChio or Kim Bak Lor fillet,
clean,coat with salt n wash,

fresh shitake mushrooms,sliced or whole(preferred)
Good quality premium dark soya sauce,Kikoman top grade,2 tablespoons.
Garlic sliced.
small onion sliced.(shallots)
Ginger sliced n chopped.
sugar--1 tablespoon.
pepper abit,your preference,optional
chopped spring onions.
afew drops of sesame oil,optional
2 teaspoon of hua tiao chiew.brandy preferred.
8 tablespoon of hot water.

1,Fry the sliced garlic n small onions,
till abit golden brown remove for later use,
avoid over cooking, use medium heat.

fry chopped ginger n mushrooms,
add light soya sauce n stir fry for awhile for the mushrooms to absorb the flavour.

add the above brandy,water,sugar,dark soya sauce n the fried garlic n shallots in, let it boil n simmer for a minute.
remove from heat.

steam fish with sliced ginger(more) for 6 minutes.remove n pour away fish liquids.

pour the cooked sauce n mushrooms over n steam for another 2 mins.

add spring onions,pepper n sesame oil.
ready to serve.

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