Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tp Kansas 99 -11-03-09 To 13-03-09

This trip catch was fantastic,, Fishes caught were;;Tiger grouper 4;5kg, coral trout(blue spots) ,grouper, 2 Gt, 1 Cobia, 2 chermin,, kaci's, redlion 8kg , 1 Flower grouper,, quite a number of Ak( biggies , smaller abt 4;5kg)
Sorry the rest cant remember,,as the Cr is not out yet,, and this is from my camera, My red chicken weighs at 6;5kg,,

This trip Man_Of_ The_ Catch,,Mr Sunny,,with his red lion catch weighs at 8kg, as the bet was S$5 per pax,,

To say all biggies for this trip,,only a handful of table size


chung said...

RS outstanding catches. Excellent harvest of reds

PP777 said...

No wonder lor,
No signal from him,
orhhh.... go offshores

Good catch,
nice pictures,
superb fishes,
but where's my dinner main course?????????

Redshadow said...

yes of cos ,, the fish head is ready to be cook for main course,,now inside freezer,,kekekek

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

very good catch there RS.. swee man