Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fishing Affairs League 2009

Hi Guys,
Agustine Chai is organising the abovementioned League,,.
Just wanna let you know that everyone here are entitled 10% off for the registration Fee. Feel free to call me if you need my asst in reg. (p.s friends and family members are entitled to)

Have a nice weekend. Cheers !

Thks & Rgds
Fishing Affairs
Augustine Chai


Wasps said...

yo bros,

spoken to Augustine about the FA league.
tentatively it's a 3times fishing competition (april, august and december)
$100 per event.
special prize for 3 time winner for all events on top of regular prize
300kg of fish for April event
Max 50rods...

PS... Think a bit too expensive la

Redshadow said...

mmm,, very correct,,if the first prise is $1000,,might consider,,kekekekke

PP777 said...

hmm....too bad if they do catch n release, then the price cut by half,then sure got many support i think adrian sure go.

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

its a sat morning. wheres the location?? any bros here wanna try??

Wasps said...

Halo Zero!!

U wanna try ah???
Can give Augustine a call and he can meet u at prpp to register.. not necessary to go lure haven.
I think i go after the event la..