Saturday, March 7, 2009

PRPP 6/3/09

Bro Wasps n wifey,Bro Burp N wifey,Rubber King F6, Xenokel & Jeskel & me.

Next to us was GaryAng1982 & his wifey, not forgetting our malay friend (Tancho) Anuar & his wifey.

Overall catch was ok for TeamAA,
but i would say its slow for other fishios.
likely culprit is the rain.
Hope for Good weather this weekend.

Xeno landed the Gao.


PP777 said...

i landed when F6 wanted to go toilet,i took over his rod & rubber,It's a first cast & wham the KBL did an acrobatic jump.
Fish On,fought for awhile and F6 came over to be crew.
Bro FactorSix,
the rod is very sensitive, a word from me, SHIOK.........beri shiok.

Angling Addict said...

KBL Boh Bak Chew???

Factor-Six said...

Your luck mann bro!!!
Well done.

BTW, rod not for sale!! ha ha...

PP777 said...

Bro AA,
this KBL very healthy.
He is blind thats why whe i spin he takes.
very cute Kbl,the head looks like your Gao head,
very the Lou Shi head

GaryAng1982 said...

Gd catch guys!i only got 1 ACK ONLY!!Hunt for KC no chance at all!!sianz man..n no more gao for me..