Monday, April 20, 2009

Prawning at East Coast.

Short CR here...

Went to Bedok to have some Cha Kway Tiao...Supposed to be some street Hawker legend that frequently fly to New York for Singapore Food Fest. The master was not around, cooking was done by the daugther. Not as good though. Will be back again to try and hopefully can get the master himself.

Anyway decided to go for a walk at East Coast after the meal and to check out the new prawning pond there. Heard got gao fishing using pole rod. Went there a bit disappointed cos no more fishing liao, only prawning available.

Went for 2 hour prawning cos need to rush off for mahjong with my JC mates. Total catch of 21 pieces of tiger prawns. Wasted half an hour using prawn meat cos the killer bait is the sand worms!!!! Thereafter LJLJ till this Malay family cannot take it. They got only 3 for 1 hour of prawning. Offered them my worms before I left. Hope they got more.

Pics of prawns below. Having drunken prawns tonight for dinner, together with my cobia steak. God... I am so sick of Cobia....

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PP777 said...

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