Monday, June 15, 2009

Changi Offshore with Ah Chong 150609

Been a while since I went fishing. Boss has been breathing down my neck and have been covering my colleagues for the past month ‘cos everyone except me is on leave.

Nevertheless, promised myself to do more fishing in June before school starts in July. Went for a 1 day trip with Ah Chong at Changi with my regular West-coast Ah Eng kakis. 1 spot is right outside Changi Point (5mins) where there are many rocks. Tide change almost finished and revealing all the rocks. Was advised by Ah Chong to cast near to the rocks for Chia Zhor aka Mangrove Jacks. Standing right at the back with my spinning setup, I was the first to cast out to the rocks. Before I could close my bail arm, I saw the lines going out. Was it cos I sangkor and the boat was drifting? I quickly closed my bail arm and tighten my line, felt some tremble at the end of the light. Hor say liao… Got fish, strike and up came a MJ of around 1KG. Rebait, cast out again…. Within minutes, fish on again, also same sized MJ. Wah… I’m in luck… offshore better than pond fishing! Placed the fish into the icebox, rebait and cast out again…. Strike again! Siao siao… Landed yet another MJ also around the same size…

Other kakis on the boat were also landing fishes. Within the first two hours, landed 9 pieces of MJ and 1 piece of grouper. Then it quieten down. Moved to a couple of other spots, all quiet. Then came lunch time. I had my lunch early and was the only 1 fishing when everyone else was eating… Cast out far again and got a small bite… Landed a small Leng Chiam of around 800gms. Then it was all quiet again….

All afternoon bite was slow and hardly anything decent landed. Nearing tide change at 4pm. Ah Chong brought us back to the first spot in the morning. Lots of boats parked there… Ah Long who has been following Ah Chong the whole day, trailed us to the spot as well. Doesn’t he has his own spots?!!?!?!?!?

Anyway back to the fishing. Its not as fast as the morning but we were landing some good sized grouper. All 1kg and more. Thereafter moved to our favourite Tek Nor spot, no bites this time round. Landed some small fishes which were thrown back. Overall an average trip for the boat but a very good trip for myself.

Total catch for me: 3 MJ, 1 grouper (1kg+) and 1 Leng Chiam.

Only took the grouper which I am steaming tonight, gave the other fishes away to kakis who din have any fish so that everyone can go back happy. Anyway heading off to Horsburgh tml morning to Raju… Need to keep my fridge empty yah… Will update once I am back!


PP777 said...

congrats bro,

good catch & very lucky.

btw could you please register at our new forum n post your cr there.

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Keith Peck said...

Registered liao leh.. But not many pple post there so post here lor.

PP777 said...

ya lor,
the forum can contact Bro AA cos china banned liao.

all must post then more people post mah..... hehe