Friday, June 12, 2009


Wasn't able to fish last few days and decided to try today as fresh water was in last few days.

Reach 10am and quickly set up as fish already released. Saw a few regular fisho already started and already hit couple of fish each.

Loaded my favorite smelly prawn(leftover from friend last nite) and cast into long kang. Wham goal keeper and fish on!!! Fish was very strong and a good size ACK up. Quickly put fish into basket and put on a live prawn and went to ledge near entrance. Aimed at the side wall and spin. Wham another hookup. This is fun. Another ACK in the pocket.

1 more ack and ak within 10 mins. Wow fantastic catch. 4 within half hour. Must be my day. Continued till 1130H and landed 8. Sun was unbearably hot. The usual ak was at the net.

Slowly spin in the shade and aim for Kim Cheo. Instead hooked up 4 large milkfish!!! Kim Cheo no where found but was told many still in pond. Continued till 3 and a new net of fish release. decided to extend 2 hours.

Well let the picture do the talking. A total of 18 as I forgot given 4 to friends halfway. hehe. Guys going down give it a shot.

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