Monday, June 1, 2009

CR 1st jun ED pond

Went back this morning for some fun as had 2 session of less than satisfactory outing last week with WongSL.

Reach pond at 930 and couple of regular there. Threw a live prawn into "longkang" and "pop" fish take and "snap". Wow not bad. A fisho threw a big tilapia on the same spot and was rewarded with a 3.4kg ACK.

Continued with harlok and live prawns and landed 3 within half hour near net. Fish release hit another 4. Fish bite rate not bad.

Continued and extend 2 more hours. Weather super hot and had some barbecue prawns offerded by some fishos. Very nice indeed but too chilli hot.They also had barbecue ACK. Smelled nice but not for me. Hehe. Thanks guys for the prawns.

Hit 7 more before time up.. Total 14 combo of ACK,AK, kbl.. Quite a good outing today and enjoyed very much as some ack caught while spinning harlok. The "take" was awesome. Haven't had this feeling for awhile.

Many reds released but not biting. Should be good next couple days.

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