Friday, December 25, 2009

FW1 Xmas Day CR

FW1 9am-12noon.
Alot had been done to the pond,
cleanse n reconstruct the fish keeping net area.
the water would be vy nice if the water had not leak out the whole night.
A slight human error by Panjang.
Nonetheless everyone had fun.

The anglers Ogie (40),Shawn (39),Zhenwei(44),Ken(64),Xenokel(69) and myself(43).
Supporters are Suzie,Jeskel,Tommy,piero & wifey,Patrick & Baby.

A total of 21 fishes up,
5 Kims 1.5kg+
2 ack
6 mangrovej
1 kimchio
2 boonang
5 taiwans

Gonna have some fun at the toto game.
19 21 24 39 40 43 44.(69-45=24)(64-45=19)
another ticket to consider will be previous trip ticket nos (28) and (32).

As ogie was the 1ST to on the trip,
i will pair him with myself for 4D.
That will be 4043.

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