Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ah tiong's pond 190110.

Kenn and fren sebastian x 2 rods = 2.2kg gao (Marinated prawn meat), 3 AC ,1 AK...Supporting: Yong, Tommy n Ogie.(edited by pp777)( the gao is 2.2kg.)
Ogie took some awesome pics today...waiting for his pics..... =)

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PP777 said...

Went FW1 Ah Tiong for an getaway.

Upon reaching heard from Regulars that the bite rate at night is very good and that the day fishing might easily hit a Zero.

Nevertheless Kenn & Sebast carry on.
first to got a miss was Kenn,fish on and then lark kao......

only 1 or 2 fishes were brought up by others.....

Then kenn went to the carpark, and got a take crosssed afew Uncle's line,@#$*^$#@,luckily new line and then the gao surfaced.

3pm fish release,everyone got fishes,kenn 2 n Sebast 1.

My opinion of FW1, water condition 90pts,could be better if the slime near the pump be scoop up.

Fishes still very healthy, pics of the gao by Ogie will prove it.

Weekdays definately more fun than weekends.less crowded.hmmm least only 1 crossed line.

happy fishing....tightlines