Tuesday, March 30, 2010

29 March 2010 PRPP

Kenn jio PRPP and as i am still recovering from the slight bout of running nose,wasnt really in the mood for fishing so went down to sit and chit chat with my tackle on standby just in case

when there was totally quiet with like only 4 anglers for the whole pond,3 on the water inlet side and 1 on the event pond netting side

soon kenn with yong arrived and kenn starting casting at a distance between ogies and zack's spot and probably due to the overflow of the tide at the water inlet side,they started landing about 6 fishes in the span of 10min or so.

Kenn was still trying his luck at the area between ogies and zacks spot area

After a while the angler at the event pond net hooked up a fish and called it a day and yong found out one of the fishes he landed was a groper or rather grouper or kerapu or "monkey fish"

Kenn at this point of time still haven open his night yet suggested him to try on the planks he went with no result just at this point of time we heard a loud "PIAK" and one of the anglers who was at the water inlet side,went over to the opposite bank of the plank and i saw a BIG AYAM MERAH on the curb and a broken rod,estimated to be around 3kg or so and the rod split itself into 3 sections.

Ting Ting and fish was released at the sure catch pond area and kenn went over with another angler from oppo bank

FISH ON!!!!...the angler from oppo the bank was fighting desperately to land a fish which toook his bait and went on a 100m sprint

Soon the fish was landed and it was a good sized kim

And Kenn still have not opened his account yet

A while later yong came back with a few milk fishes and kenn went for a toilet break,while syafig who arrived with his other half a while back took over the rod and went up the planks,about 1 min later,syafig landed a fish from there with kenn's timely return from the toilet and kenn hooked on to another milk fish and went to the plank with me and syafig in companionship,

drop line jig jig...plop the float went doen and it was fish on,fish swam out towards our usual side but half way tru decided to make a u-turn and head straight back into the corner area under the net and in a move to try to pull the fish out,out came the line,

nevermind try again

while baiting for a new bait,told syafig's other half that if Kenn gets one the next trip onto the plank,i will wet my line.

second time,also jig jig float went down and fish swam out of the corner and went to the opposite side and with kenn trying to pull the fish back,out came the hook,upon inspection found out that the inner barb of the hook was almost gone

and me of cos keeping my promise of "if Kenn gets one the next trip onto the plank,i will wet my line."

more milk fish were bought and both me and kenn went up the plank again ,5min no action,asked syafig to take over

After a while syafig was squatting down like trying to pull a fish out and yong went up the plank to help,finally we saw a red one up and as yong was carrying the fish back,somehow the fish manged to plead with the king of hell and the king of hell lent his hand and the fish went back into one of the nets,hook and line still in his mouth,definitely the fish will get indigestion for the next few days

highlight of the day was that one of the anglers caught a super big kim at least 13kg at the bridge over at the event pond and released it into the pro pond,needed at least 3 persons to carry the bugger,thats how huge it is,and the last direction we saw the big mama went was into the pump area at the sure catch pond side.

Soon we ran out of milk fish and with a few small pieces of prawn left,yong went to try for GP and i passed kenn one of the black molly to lure,a few casts later,kenn landed a kim about 1kg and yong was still in the hunt of the elusive GP school.

well,in one of the cast, the black molly decided to went deep sea diving and lodged itself into the bottom of the pond and nvr surface,well a kim for a black molly in exchange,not bad already.

Soon we packed up and left

Nothing much to shout about our catches only 5 in total but still the fun was there

A side note,live bait is working there and fishes were landed in front of us about 1-1.5m away from a group with set up camp besides us about an hour before we left

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