Monday, March 29, 2010


Bro Syafiq,

As explained, Bass One also has the XT series.

Your question on which is better....

Well, it quite personal. I have only tried handling Ogie's Bassterra (which is cropped the tip section). I am not sure if that was the sole reason why the rod felt extra stiff to my liking. It felt medium fast for the rod tip as opposed to ultra fast. Now, my Bass One XT is in fact a telescopic rod. I have never felt a telescopic rod that I really liked so much from the first touch.

I cant really say which I prefer. I pick up a rod and the first impression is what attracts me... it may well be that both attracts me from a different perspective.

What line weight are you looking at for both the bassterra and the bass one, you need to compare both of the same/or comparable line weight too.

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Syafiq89 said...

hey thanks AA, i will take note.. maybe i just stick to my pro tech rod first.. ill will do more research again..thanks man..