Saturday, March 20, 2010


Went to PRPP to support AA,Xeno,Storm and PP777 for awhile and had to leave early for some work.. and the smell is still inside my head.. i still can imagine it.. i ate mentos non stop! haha.. thanks to storm and AA for letting me "play-play" with their fishing rods.. and i fall in love with AA's Shimano telescopic fishing rod.. haha,how lovely and old school it is.. I hope you guys enjoy your outing yesterday night at PRPP.. post CR ok?

Anyway, after some stuff at work, got a msg from gf.. she wanted to go prawning at went back to Pasir Ris and pick her up after im done with some stuff.. we got total of 90plus prawns in just 3 hours with 2 rods..HOW AWESOME! the service is good.. VERY VERY GOOD.. cut for us the chicken heart(baits) for us, caught for us some prawns.. and very friendly.. Got back home,wash it,cut it,merinated it,seperate some for me and her family, got it cooked and burpped.. juicy and delicious! while eating, i thought of making that prawn as live bait at prpp..haha..can i?
This are some pictures that i got, really need to share because of the good service and the wonderful results..Damn, I wished you guys were there, especially PP777 and AA.. very lively,loud and funny! which is equals FUN.. never fail to make my day with such jokes you guys got.. haha.. cheers guys.. have a good one..


Angling Addict said...


I wonder if they can be dried fried with salt and ground pepper... slurpppp!!!

93 is a good score...., Yong, John, Ah Wai(PRPP nite operator) and I were expecting you to bring them over!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

No lah bro, you know we love to joke about almost anything....

With any luck, should be going to The P-lace to R-elease P-ressure P-roperly tonight...

PP777 said...

Nice CR,
wow!!! 93 pieces.
you foul hooked them izit???
thanks i will put the ah loy name up.

Syafiq89 said...

Wahahaha.. yah true PP777, seriously, some of the prawns i got is hooked to the tail.. lol! how lucky.. but only a few lah..