Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ladies Night!

( On top is a picture of me and the fish that AA gave me the first time i meet Team A.A )

What a start! I went down to PRPP to support the Team . AA, introduce me to the anglers.. They are friendly and very fun to be around with.. Was happy to hang around with fellow addicts.. Make the night more lively and happening eventho im not fishing today.. Im happy to see all of them happily fishing together like a family.. Haha..
So, the night started with Jess, who got the first MJ..Good size,good colour.. one after another they got to land fishes.. One of the malay fishos there manage to land 2 Kaos! How lucky is that! AA lost his Kim.. But the best part is one of us manage to land the target fish!(sorry i didnt get the name yet) A big KAO!
The most best and funny momment ive seen so far at PRPP.. The atmosphere there was damn happening upon getting the Kao.. I left early tonight, need to get some rest after 2 days straight of fishing.. Here are some pictures that i got for the night.. Hope to fish with you guys soon!
So how, got to get anymore Kaos???
tight lines guys! :)

Bro Syafiq, Thanks for your company and help this trip. So, officially, it is "welcome to the team" I look forward to seeing you and your Dad more often at our fishing trips/gatherings. Like I always say..."fish cannot be gauranteed but fun will be"

Here are my pics from last nite.

Meanwhile, another happy thing happened... your friend that came , the tall thin guy to our left, fishing just next to the pole pond??? well guess what..... HE LANDED A BIGGGGG GAO AS WELL!!!! Boy! was he happy!!!

Team AA - standby.....(Chim Chim aka Poh Leong aka NDU Diver aka (henceforth) Mr Gaozzz


ogie said...

Hi shyafiq welcome to Team AA. I'm Ogie 1 of the members of the Ever so Fun Team AA. Hope you would keep supporting our blog and keep posting your catches wherever you may be fishing. Just remember... Not the Fish that counts, it's the Quality Time of being with Friends...Cheers buddy and hope to see you soon

PP777 said...

wow! very nice cr!
thanks syafig.
Gotta get you a nick soon.

i got a heavy take at the very last 15mins,
it swam inwards n when it goes,the mainline broke.

My words when handling the fish-"it's big, it's heavy,its big."

the fish swam like nobody business............

Syafiq89 said...

no problem ogie :)
yes, will be looking foward to see you all soon..

Syafiq89 said...

wah! he landed a gao?! thats great!
damn, now hand itchy already.. might be coming over on friday if i dont have work at the studio.. see you guys soon ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

too bad the gao was taken back before i can put it in between the red chickens..if not will be fish galore hahahaha

ogie said...

wow...nice catch there brothers, but why isn't any 1 hanging on to Bro Chim ??? wahahahahaha