Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PPRP nite 9th March 10

Hey fellow Addicts, thank you so much for letting me post my CR here on the blog..
Its a pleasure.. Thanks to AA and Storm! :)

First Cast: 9:50
Last Cast: 11:30

Yes, i went home early due to some urgent stuff going on.. But yet, it was great!
Got 2 for the night till i got a call from home.. I have to call it a day, and cast at the spot storm told me while packing.. Girlfriend told me theres bite! I thought she was just playing around but when i turn, my floater is out if sight! game on! landed a Taiwan Ngor.. Its a good size indeed! I remember old timers told me that they come in groups.. so i quickly took my prawns and cast at the same spot.. Suprisingly theres a bite, but lost it.. So i got 3 for the night.. I didnt get to catch the fish that i am aiming today, Kaos! but its ok i will be back for sure, hopefully with fellow addicts.. tight line guys!


Angling Addict said...

nice one bro - that leass than 2 hours.... Thanks for posting CR here. Hope to liven things up in this blog again.

Anonymous said...

i dun deserve the credit man,just helping out CP with the PR work on that day only,anyways nice having u come down today

Syafiq89 said...

no problem guys..thanks thanks.. :)

Anonymous said...
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