Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PRPP 22nd Mar '10 nite

Mission by :


Addict, Storm, Syafiq, Yong (PP777)

Started with the Tong! Tong! Feeding time at the event pond net. PP777 was the first to get a hit, again! Unfortunately, he was fighting the fish when it crossed a far neighbour's line. The neighbour struck hard thinking that he had a bite and cost PP777 his fish.

The Addict was next after receiving a brief morse code message ...--.--.----....-..- zapped!!!! fish on, dip dip dip.... hmm tell-tale sign of the ACK, small one but a pretty good fight on the cheap Teben reel from China. The rod was a sturdy 7ft telescopic Shimano Holiday Spin, an antique that the Addict decided to bring gai gai this couple of times.

Storm arrived and started to set up his tackle. The addict casted in another Kembong. Goalkeeper!!!! tug! tug! Zapped!!!! Fish on again... feels the same... YES! Tanda again, same mother one. Unhooked, brought the fish to the keeper net, Mr ACK struggled and broke his fin that the addict was holding onto. The fish hit the keeper net and fell out into the pond. CNRAL - catch and release after landing. Trust me, the feeling was like sticking your head in the toilet bowl and pulling the flush yourself.

Syafiq arrived. The Addict, having taken 2 fishes decided to make way for the rest and put on the good ole styro and get back to masterbaiting. sat at the fav spot for a while... no action. decided to go back to the "gao" spot. casted in, styro drifted with the live prawn towing.... pomp! pomp! Tightened, zappped!!! fish on! As per the travel brochure, the fish took a visit to the apex lookout, to the crocodile farm(he he he) and back to the surecatch net and back to the "gao spot"...1.2.3. upsy daisy another cute tanda.

TONG! TONG! eh? what gives? not time yet what??? Fish release!!! waaah Kembong again.... feeding time.... a few anglers managed to pull in a few. After it got a little bit quiet, the addict casted the Kembong to the pump. Before the bait hit the floor,...--..-.......------.--.---.. whack!!! Fish on! what a swirl in the water... looks like a Taiwan.. zooommmmmmmm! the fish went from pump to drain in 0.7 seconds pumped it in, zooom! straight to croc.. shitzzzz, pump pump pump.... reach the apex....SPLASH!!!! the beauty showed her full body... waaaahhh white white one... my type!!! definitely more than 3.5kg. Splash! Splash!!! zzooommmmmm! Splash and listerine...... oh nooooo! Listerine shake very effective!!! Mr Kimmi returned the hook to the Addict... O-sama again.... "catch me if you can!!!!"

PP777 found the Kim Chios and after the first 2, he was joined by a few anglers... They were thee but not in the swarm numbers... sizes were good though.

Team AA also had a very special frenzy when the Addict, noticing how quiet the opposite was casted they and put his marker... within seconds, the marker danced. Zapped! nothing... bros, down there got fish.... tried again.... marker danced again! zapped... Michael came to stay permanently. Now the others began to believe.... 3 rods were parked there... taking turns at watching the marker dance.. at one stage, a double hookup with Syafiq and Storm.... that was really fun while it lasted.... umpteen tugs and umpteen misses.

The addict even had a MJ that was like 8 inches take his milkfish of 4 inches!.

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