Monday, March 22, 2010


Got to Ah Tiong at about 6..My second time there.. was very very quite.. it was just me and one uncle bro and his kids..on the other im just alone on my side..i used kembong(**) and live prawns.. but suprisingly all on live bait.. got the first fish MJ around half past seven.. lost a 2kg plus kim while 123.. and lost another take with live bait,he take and run as far as that bugger got.. manage to feel and fought awhile.. really really heavy.. the heaviest i ever fought so far think.. but lost it.. what could it be??
Then it was quite a slow night tho.. panjang didnt release fish due to no customers.. :(:( got another 2 more Michael after 9 plus and suddenly a lorry came in with a big group..mosty indians..and some chinese.. all young adults with girlfriends..they started to fish..suddenly saw panjang go to the sampan.. yahooo! releases the fish at approx. 1015 due to more customers.. change to kembong and cast to the golden gate.. less then 10 second.. got it eaten by a taiwan.. good size.. quickly unhook and cast again with kembong.. got another taiwan..good size too haha.. it was fun tho although im alone..but,seriously,the bite rate is quite slow there to much action until they release the fish.. hmm..
i cast and cast and cast and change bait and change bait,move and move around but no action..even tried luring.. nope...non..
tick tock tick tock..time passes and no action..panjang told me "boy, your last cast ok?" at about 12plus close to 1am maybe...
i still remembered about AA, telling me about the 2 prawn theory.. so i took 2 prawns, big ones..hooked it on a size 3 owner hook.. took a styro,twist it on my main line to make it a loooooong leader.. cast it to the corner and parked it..meanwhile, i took out all the fishes to took pictures for my CR, started packing, took my own sweet time..dilly dally..went to panjang to ask him if he have any plastics, unfortunately he is sleeping, so dont want to disturb..(THAT FAST AH HE GO SLEEP???) so i go back to my rod.. said to myself that after a one stick of Gudang Garam, ill call it a day.. light the ciggerates watched my styro..suddenly......

My float started to sink bit my bit.. i took my rod slowly and standby... as it sinks deeper, ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FISH ON BRO!!! DAMN, thats a good one.. it was a very very good fight.. around 10 mins i think.. I GOT MY SELF A 3.5 maybe 3.8 or 4 maybe.. GAO!!! HAHA!! i manage to 123.. phew! its the fish of the day,haha..luckily the guy got boga to borrow..but cheap skate boga, cant get to read how many KG i ask him to help me take picture.. hehehe..really made my day and put a big smile on my face..look at that bugger! how lovely..
PS: i still prefer hometown(PRPP) cheers!

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Angling Addict said...

YAHOO!!!!!!! Well Done bro!!! I can understand exactly how you feel... dream fish for guys like you and me as poind chasers!!! Congrats!!!