Tuesday, March 9, 2010



I was at Sam's house today. My dear dear old friend. Had him do 2 rods for 3 guides needed to be changed. Sam barely needs any introduction. I have invited him to our blog.

In case you are wondering how long Sam and I have been acquainted...... here a pic of us fishing together wild a wild KBL.

Dont play play ok.... the addict last time not bad looking one horrrr.

And then, check out the pager at the waist man..... geezzz what memories...


Anonymous said...

eyh cp..u look like michael hui,the eldest of the hui bros in the pic leh kekekekeke

Anonymous said...

correction,sud be second handsome one wakakakaka

Anonymous said...

talk about pagers...u know doctors in hospitals esp A&E dept are still using pagers?i a bit suah ku,that day at hospital see than know hahahaha