Monday, March 8, 2010


Hi all bros & sis,

This weekend we are likely to have an BBQ for our Team Angling Addict,
The venue shall be at PRPP,
to be confirmed again,looking for BBQ pits.
The food will be prepared by TeamAA Chief Chef,
Our dearest Mrs Big Bear, Suzie of course.
hmmmmm...... honey glazed wings.....missed it alot.

All of your participation & presence will mean alot to him,
we will try to get our Mrs AA to bbq.
hey guys do bring your wifey & kids too.

So even every time fishing till late hours,
the quotas for fishing can be reimbursed.lols....

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Angling Addict said...
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Angling Addict said...

PP777 - any chance to estimate cost?

Wasps said...

yo.. estimated how many ppl will be going to the BBQ??
if i get the time, I'll make lasagne for you guys... SERIOUS!!!

PP777 said...

the BBQ can do pot-luck style lah,
some buy drinks, some do some food,
hehe simple one ith all the team members better than good food boh lang lai.

JessieNCL said...

bro..Sat or sun? Tell mi wad shld I bring ya?will bring my kids down :D

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

wasps.. hm... looking forward for yr LASAGNE... yumyum..
er.. jiak liao a pia toilet buey??

PP777 said...

i am not sure of the day yet, sorry fishing,then working n sleeping n drinking. thursday we have dinner 1st ok, chinatown

PP777 said...
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JessieNCL said...

I'm nt sure Thursday free anot..will let u know on Thursday..sat is better..coz Sunday no work n sku all can stay late mah :D

Wasps said...

if the BBQ is on sat then i have no problem.. sunday i have something on