Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lucky 13

Fishios present : Storm,PP777(yong),F6(patrick)

Supporting Fishios : Xeno(Kelvin),Syafig,Burp(tommie)
Supporters : Mrs Storm,Jeskel,Excalibur(shawn),Big Bear(ogie),MazdaDan

Bait in presence: Special concoction ha lok and milk fish

Been raining heavily for the past few days,so when I got the notification for action at PRPP tonight I went down with a not so optimistic attitude. Also was contemplating what tackle to use,in the end went down to PRPP with Mrs Storm’s Stradic Ci4 1000 and daiwa primegate telescopic.

While setting up,Excalibur pointed out to PP777 that the top guide of his rod was spoilt and with some spices added on by yours truly,PP777 decided to go and have it changed instead of his original idea of wanting to change it if the tip breaks after landing fish. Took my time to set up as I arrived shortly after the 9pm fish release and I heard that the landing was not fantastic,can see grand master tony sitting by the side of the entrance to devils point chit chatting and occasionally walking up the plank help fishios dislodged the stuck hooks.

PP777 came back with his repaired tip and asked me if I see fishes

I answered him “no” and asked “ where?” His reply was “u nvr see me sweating ah?”

*do take note that he has a theory of if he is sweating profusely without any form of exercising, the day’s catch will be good

And by then Patrick already landed his 1st GP .So yong went to join him at the gp spot in front of the pump and I hooked on a ha lok and casted to the place just outside the crocodile near the long gang ,got a pull and let go. Retrieved back,prawn was torn almost torn into half and recasted,5 min no action,changed spot to the 5th stilt at devils point….

By then Patrick also got his 2nd gp.My line pulled and slacked so I retrieved my line back and the moment I retrieve my line…..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ line went out,tighten drag and pulled the fish out and it was trying frantically to head back to devils point and tried to lose me among the stilts .After 2 min,the fish surface, ex president of roc was online,landed the fish,changed rig

(*storm==>1 rig 1 fish)

Casted to the 5th stilt again and this time round there were tons of tug of war on my line and this time round I saw another grandmaster,ang,landed 2 gp and the area of play seems quite big from 5th stilt to the kbl spot ,told yong about it and he tried,still zero for him and at this point of time,burp saw all the tugs of war and gave it a try,and while I was reeling back,suddenly my line pull and landed a gp. Changed rig again and this time round casted to the middle of the croc and did parking there. At this point of time,we heard assisting fishio syafig shouting out to us from event pond side and we learnt that while luring an unidentified object took his lure and went towards the direction of the net and parked the lure there and a panther martin lure MDIA(missing and died in action). At this point of time ,my line slacken again and thinking that it was just another tug of war,went to retrieve back and zzz….line out again…..

This time round,I was given a mini concert by the king of pop and he left his autograph in the fish net. Tong tong fish release time and as usual,we went to try our luck,1st cast out yong got his fish …..after all the sweating…....Finally got fish hehehehe. Fish release time action was not much and I went back to parking ….till we left soon after,assisting fishio xeno started to get into a golfing putting position at devils point and fish on!!!!!!!!! We saw the fish making a few high jumps and thought it was a kim but in the end was the clone of the ex president

Action quiet down again and not long after the sniper sent by panther martin platoon to avenge the lost comrade in arms captured a kim by the back headed by syafig
Another fishio landed a foot long milk fish and xeno took the milk fish and tried to use it to seduce the 13kg mama kim but to no avail.

Not long after we packed up and left

This weeks golden number is
4 ex presidents
6 gp
2 king of pop
1 kim

And as usual the argument of respecting the fishes at PRPP in terms of tackle used between Storm and the Missus continues……


-above CR is written for entertainment purposes only.
-any similarities to anybody or any incident is strictly coincidental and no offence SHOULD BE TAKEN by it
-Author will not assume any responsibilities from any unhappiness arising from CR.
-Gambling is highly discouraged though anybody who is lucky enough to make a windfall from the golden number is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to supply “drinks drinks kali pup and ku-ay chees” at the next outing to PRPP.


Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

haha.. okok. i buy some to test test

Anonymous said...

bo bian leh,every time kena suan my setup land no fish and her stradic+primegate everytime land fish hahahaha