Monday, April 19, 2010

PRPP 18 Apr '10 NIte - Solo Last (REALLYYY!!!) Mission

Very quiet nite.

12-00am release fish, the addict went to chiong.... zappedd!!!!PRPP award for yesterday,UYGK, returned to issuer. Fish on, dash to middle of pond, suddenly, line went slack, siao lioaz.... alamak gone.... I sent my regards to the fish, wished its father, mother, grandfather, grandmother $^$*%&&*^^*@.

Ah Leong came by, "water coming in", the addict tele-transported himself to the long-gang in a flash. Styro drifted, then pomp! Zapped! Fish on! Splash..... waahh? maybe KBL..... eh..... was a small jack - his name was "jumping jack". Yayyyyyyy!!!! PRPP (Visa - Very Interested in Simple Angling) Card that was suspended the nite before has been re-activated!!

Re-cast ....... styro drifted...... pomp! again???!!! so fast??? my heart still thumping.... Zapped!!! another MJ!!! Waah! PRPP Visa Card increased my credit limit????

Re-cast ...... styro drifted ....... pomp! zinnggggggggg.......zzzzzz...zzzzz.zzzzzz Mr KBL!!! waaah unexpected credit line increase woh!!!! fought it for a while, jumped twice, the addict tried desperately to jack it down..... suddenly, I felt the head shake in the water and all tension was lost..... temporary credit limit re-tracted... was a nice Kim Bak Lor 2.0 minimum...

Went back to the old spot. last few prawns left, just finish and go lor. Parking for the rest of the time... no action liaozzz.

Main Event of the nite : Ah Wai soaked a piece of har lok.. went back to counter, came back and was talking to the addict when he realised his line was moving. Tapped gently, fish on, but very light.... Guess what??? The cutest MJ in PRPP came up.

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