Monday, April 26, 2010

kong kong zero.

KBL mission with F6,Burp,Syafiq
Kong Kong River..

The mission is a failure.. the boat man refuse to bring us to the KBL spot at the river.. told him and asked him about the spot.. alot of stupid reasons he gave us.. make us lagi fed up.. he bring us to the deep sea instead.. we told him earlier on and he kept quite all the way.. he nod his head but he still refuse to bring us to the spot.. bad-bad tekong.. Our arsenal are definately not for deep sea fishing.. We dont have appropriate sinkers too! we have a few size 1 and 2 sinkers only..the funnies part is we burp and i used alot of split shots as a replacement.. was really funny and hilarious.. Luckily we got apollo rigs ready to use for the talang frenzy near the BIG that ship is huge guys.. The boat man told us that the ships already there for 5 years now.. Unbelievable experience.. and then, that was a little bit of fun for us since then.. Thanks to F6 for the rig.. haha.. its more like fishing kimchios at prpp.. haha.. spent hours and hours on deep sea.. All of us are looking forward for the rivers..but then it fail.. tides are low..No point already if we are gonna head the rivers.. Went to other spot, and then it started to rain heavily.. we call it a day at approx 4.45pm.. all we have for the day was small fishes.. good size for Nasi Lemak.. yumyum.. but still the bonding and fun that counts the most.. very relexing yet hot weather.. we got a good laugh on the speed boat.. we will definately make our vengence to kong kong river with different boat man,more contacts and info about the KBL spot soon..
I would also like to thank bro burp and bro f6 for giving me a chance to with you guys for this trip.. it was a good one man..cheers!

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